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  • The rectangular-shaped acetate front is decorated with Torx screws, adding a touch of quality to the sophisticated style.

  • The combination of acetate material and titanium creates a unique presence. Sophisticated front shape achieved through Sabae craftsmanship.

  • From the titanium eye-brow, which is based on a truss structure motif, to the temple ends, the sleek lines of the style are a symbolic form of the brand.

  • The subtle combination of titanium eye-brow component and acetate front is a structure that takes advantage of the high level of technology only possible with Japanese manufacturing.

  • The temple ends are designed with the function of a balancer. The brand's iconic red epoxy-finished logo motif creates a sense of luxury.

  • The silicone nose pads are comfortable to the skin.

  • The sophisticated temple design, with a truss structure eye​​​​​​​-brow component, follows the shape of the head for maximum comfort.

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The first KEN OKUYAMA EYES style to use acetate. Available in five colors, the combination of basic colors such as black and brown or transparent front colors expressing lightness, with solid metal colors enhances the beauty of the materials.
Temple : β-Titanium
Pad : Silicon resin
Screws : Torx screw(T3)

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